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Tall and very beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde sex bomb summer Chuky_dream was born on February 7, in Tennessee. After graduating from high school, Chuky moonlighted at a local advertising company as a model and simultaneously appeared several times for Playboy magazine (her photos can be found in a special edition of Playboy for ). As well as summer Brill some time acted as an exotic dancer and worked as a webcam model. Taylor took her first steps into the adult industry in . And in the same year, the Busty blonde began actively acting in pornographic videos and feature films, such as” Busty cops”,” Elastic bodies 2 “and”Dirty blondes 2”. Her photos adorn the covers and pages of magazines such as Hustler, High Society and American Curves. She actively collaborates with popular sites such as Danni and Twistys. Chuky_dream is at a great age and so to speak in the Prime of life, and what is remembered by many men around the world. Each work of the blonde is thoroughly impregnated with passion, unforgettable lust and lust. Taylor’s career is rapidly gaining momentum and if You have just begun to get acquainted with this diva of the adult industry, then our site will help you in finding the best photos and videos of the Busty beauty. Angelina Valentine described herself as a sensual bisexual. “I think it’s so sexy when a girl likes to be with another girl, and it’s not just for the money. I can always be with a girl who feels the same way.” Chaturbate model says that as a child, she was a wild child. She loved Barbie and makeup “I wanted to be a Princess, and my parents tried to give me a good upbringing, so I did not grow up spoiled.”When she was a little girl, her father sent her to an acting class to do something during the summer holidays. “I am not a shy girl, I am very confident in myself, and I think that you need to be clearly confident in your actions to achieve your goals.” Chukydream entered the adult industry in and became the first porn actress to participate in porn with a transsexual Kimber James. In her career, Angelina Valentine has numerous nominations and awards in categories such as: “best new actress”, “favorite female newcomer”, “best group sex scene”, and won the award “deep throat”(private blowjob video). Chuky_dream says she believes in aliens :” I think I’m from another planet and everyone else is from this one.”She prefers to act in group porn. “I like to participate in group scenes, only with men, because I do not want to share with women.” Chaturbate model also says that after completing her porn career, she wants to open a funeral home. “I’d rather work with dead people because they don’t talk shit…”And the most mischievous thing she did was have sex on the plane, in the bathroom. Asked what she would do if she were President, webcam model said: “I would Choose the largest room in the white house and grow marijuana there, and would call the variety “Presidential”.” What kind of man wants to see next to her Chaturbate model replied “that she prefers men with labor calluses on their hands, who can use their hands on heavy work. After all, I am a southern girl and in our South it is customary for a man to be responsible for work, and a woman for home comfort.” Redhead babe Chuky_dream has a mixture of French-canadian-Italian appearance. At the age of 15, she got her first sexual experience with a guy and a girl. After graduating from high school, she began the process of becoming a high school French teacher, and for this she enrolled at the University of Quebec. But in the way of beauty appeared Martin Perrault, who convinced Bianca Beauchamp to become his Muse. At 18 years old she began to participate in photo shoots reconciling myself latex outfits. This was followed by the opening of a site called Latex Lair (latex Lair). But this site was noticed by the teachers of the Institute, who had threatened her with expulsion, in case the website will not be closed. “At the time, it was a nightmare – I had no idea what to do but learn. Photography was a hobby that turned into a real passion, and so I chose not to study.” Chukydream left school and began posing for Bizarre, Heavy Rubber, (private blowjob video), Playboy and other magazines. After the decision to become a professional model Bianca Beauchamp began to lose weight, but there is a fear that the breast may SAG. And then she decided to resort to breast implants, changing the size of the breast as much as three times, gradually increasing the size. In , She dream published a book “Bianca Beauchamp – Fetish Sex Symbol.” It’s almost like a biography of my life and career. And a year later, in early Bianca released the film ” Bianca Beauchamp: All Access.” In , she took 31st place among 99 most desirable women in the world according to the Askmen’s. When asked which part of her body she found most attractive, she replied. “I think they are eyes, because they are important for expressing yourself, especially when you are a model. I want to think that people look first into my eyes and then pay attention to everything else ”

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