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Cleopatra_sinns was born in Ceske Budejovice, a small town in southern Czechoslovakia, on April 14, 1975. The brilliant model always fondly recalls her childhood, which, according to her: “Was not like today’s youth, and not like the children of Western countries, but despite all the differences, it was still wonderful, as it should be a childhood.” During her school years, she was a very serious child who showed a tremendous interest in biology and fine arts, and her dream profession was that of a biologist. In 1989, she entered the first year of high school (in Russia it would be called a high school). It was a year of global change for the whole country, and indeed for the entire Eastern bloc as a whole. In the first years of the formation of the new system, people had a particularly hard time and that is why at that time it was not uncommon for beautiful Czech girls to go to the West, seeing brighter prospects for earnings there. cam record, too, dreamed of conquering the West, but, unfortunately for her, she was still too young for such a journey and she had to stay at home and continue her studies at school, at the end of which she was waiting for an amazing and bright life. The first three private video years after high school Cleopatra_sinns studied at a photo school. She had to work all the time to pay for her education. She worked as a bartender, a saleswoman in a building materials store. Later money became enough, to pay rent exposure under its first private video, and equipment it had to take in credit, which in thereafter steal in a result hacking exposure. To pay for the loan, Veronica had to work even more and then she got a make-up artist and assistant photographer. The work was difficult, but highly paid. Once, in the midst of work, Veronica somewhere lost her set of cosmetics and, showing up to the authorities in tears, instead of reproaches, she received an offer to work as a model. This was the moment when the beauty from the Czech Republic made her first steps into the modeling cam record.
Although she does not consider her first job as a professional model something extraordinary, to her surprise, she began to receive offers for filming from all over Europe and even from overseas. As a result, a few years later, Veronica earned enough money to not only arrange a luxurious life for herself, but also earned enough money to buy her own Studio, which was many times better than the one where the spectacular brunette came to work before. Veronica Zemanova was never afraid of work and had the ability to take matters into her own hands, so the beauty had time to work as a makeup artist, agent, photographer, as well as to search for modeling work for other girls. She remembers her adventures in Europe as one of the most difficult in her life, because she did not know English at all, she had to explain literally on her fingers, and often got into difficult situations, but this period of her bright career not only defined Veronica’s life, but also allowed her to get rich well. Later, Cleopatra_sinns was lucky enough to meet in Rome one of the most popular and sought-after photographers of the time Susie Radnall. Their collaborations have been featured on the covers of world-renowned publications such as Hustler, private video 10, Playboy and Penthouse. In those days, plastic surgery was commonplace in the world of modeling, but cam record has long tried to avoid surgery. Such principles even played into her hands, greatly increasing interest and popularity of the model, but significantly losing weight in 2001, Veronica Zemanova still had to compromise with them and agree to an operation to increase breast volume, the volume of which is 90 cm, height of the model at 168 cm In the period from 2001 to 2005, Veronica had been 7 times to be the main character of the world famous magazine Playboy. In addition to the large Breasts that magnetically attracted the eyes of millions of men, she had an incredible charisma and femininity that set her apart from hundreds of other models. At the time, she was a true standard of beauty, but even after a dozen years from the peak of her career, Veronica continues to be irresistible. In addition to modeling, Cleopatra_sinns was attracted by the prospect of working in show business. In 2002, she even released her first single, which, unfortunately, did not bring the girl success and, for this reason, she decided to give up singing. Also in the period from 2002 to 2008, she acted in films, playing roles in action films, comedies and of course in adult films. As for her personal life, on this occasion Veronica never liked to communicate, and she always wanted her details to be unknown to the public. But even she could not hide her wedding in 2003, which was held on the beach on the island of Mauritius. It was then that she decided to give up her career as a model, deciding to devote herself entirely to family life. Then she said: “I decided that the man I love needs to feel happy and comfortable with me. Do you think my decision was rash? It’s not! Please don’t get upset and wish me luck!”But, fortunately for us, this decision was not final and soon the beauty from the Czech Republic resumed her modeling career. On July 23, 2010, her last work was released – a video titled “private video (part 1)” for Actiongirls and on July 21, 2010, it was announced that Veronica was ending her career.Cherie Vee is a young Russian actress with black hair and brown eyes. She was born on February 14, 1996 in St. Petersburg. Don’t take us for finished romantics, but I like the fact that she was born on Valentine’s Day, at least the birth on Valentine’s day affected her whole life! It means that she decided to choose having sex on camera the business of her life. In any case, it would be a shame if she decided to do something else. Just look at her and it’ll be enough to see what we’d lose if she did anything else. The fact is that she is incredibly beautiful! Her eyes, her lips, her nose… All the features of her irresistible face are intertwined into something incredibly beautiful and indescribable! Shari gathered all the beauty and naturalness of Slavic appearance: not big Tits, but natural and beautiful shape and she does not need a lot of makeup to look amazing. She is a real godsend for those who love slender and graceful girls with small Asses. It’s just an incredible sight to watch this baby engaged in sensual sex. Until now, this fragile beauty has no tattoos on her body, at the same time, she has piercings in her tongue, in her right upper lip and in her navel. Cleopatra_sinns started acting in porn in 2014. There are suspicions that she adored sex even before 18, because as soon as she became an adult, she immediately began filming in adult films! Girls from Eastern Europe find it much harder to realize themselves in the adult industry than girls from the United States. Despite this, she has already worked for a number of the best and most famous pornographic companies or sites, including giants such as Nubiles, Met Art, Digital Desire, Team Skeet, Babes, Teen Mega World, Mofos, Femjoy, DDF Network, Private, Teen Dreams, private video, First Anal Date and others. In addition to her natural attractiveness, she has a real talent that makes her every appearance in porn unique and inimitable. No matter whether Cleopatra_sinns is filmed in scenes of anal sex, doing deep throats, having sex with a girl, or just naked playing with toys, you can always see that she enjoys every minute during the creative process. That’s why I hope that in the future her work will be rightly appreciated by the most prestigious awards in the porn industry. By the way, you can also find scenes with this beauty and under other nicknames, including Joanna Femjoy, Divina, Cindy, Genie, private video, Nora, Noma, Vikki, and Darina.

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