• webcam model: Coverme (lizavaiss) 

Coverme lizavaiss, sex bomb, she was born on July 1, private video in orange County, California. Her real name is Breanna Lyn Hall.

She started her career at the age of 20 in private video. This porn actress actively starred for three years, and in web video finally left the industry. She has many emotional and deep sex scenes to her credit, including lesbian sex, Threesome sex, hardcore sex, interracial sex, Striptease, Masturbation and Blowjob. In such a short time of her career, Dinah Vendetta has collaborated mainly with prestigious companies and adult websites: Brazzers, Bang Bros, Dogfart, Kink.com, Pay Ones, Porn Pros, Glory Hole, Blackson Blondes, Reality Kings, Lethal Hardcore, Elegant Angel, Digital Playground, and Immoral Productions. Coverme has several tattoos: a large black Panther with a small blue butterfly, a large red flower with a few small red flowers on her right buttock, a Thomas engine with 10 black hearts on her neck and back.Belly button pierced. Besides breast implants, she also has buttock implants, as well as have accounts in Facebook and Instagram, but it seems that none of them is a star in person. Julie Cash was born on may 23, private video in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of El Paso, Texas. Julie started her career in webcam record at the age of 21. She immediately began to act in such sex scenes, where good female forms and large beautiful women can appreciate. Played in such genres as interracial sex, Threesome, Masturbation, Blowjob, big ass. In , the porn actress received her first award: Urban X Awards in the category “Best orgasm from oral sex”. The following year, she won the Night Moves Award for best actress-fat girl. Coverme had breast and buttock augmentation surgery, so she did scenes that focused on those parts of the body. She also has tattoos: the inscription in capital letters “Julie” on her right wrist, the inscription in capital letters” Ca$h” on her left wrist, floral patterns and inscriptions on her right leg, a bee on her left leg, a star in the lower right part of her stomach. Julie Cash has a pierced navel and left nostril, and has social media accounts through which the actress constantly communicates with fans. Brooklyn chase was born on March 14, webcam record in San Diego, California. She was a very shy and shy girl. And that didn’t change even when she got into the porn industry. Brooklyn is the second child in the family; she has an older and younger sister. In high school, chase did not participate in sports events and did not go to interest clubs. Despite being shy, Coverme chase lost her virginity at 15. The girl slept with a guy she liked, but with whom she hardly spoke. While under house arrest, she ran away from home and went to a party organized by her object of adoration; he got her drunk and slept with her. After losing her virginity, Brooklyn became very promiscuous. The actress says this is due to her low self-esteem; she believed that if she slept with everyone she met, she would be loved. But it turned out that this is not so. By 18, the girl had changed many partners, but she avoided oral sex because she was afraid. 1years in Brooklyn started Dating a guy who later became her husband. Before getting into the porn industry, she tried to kiss girls, but sex did not come. Coverme began her career as a porn actress in private video at the age of 27. After 11 years in sales and service, she began looking for a new job and worked her way into senior management. But Brooklyn wanted something new. She had no education, but she hoped her extensive work experience would help her. Not help. As a result, chase was out of work and overgrown with debts, she urgently needed money. She wanted to find a job that would draw attention to her body, like dancing or Stripping. So Brooklyn stumbled upon an Agency (with which she no longer cooperates), where she was told about the porn industry and offered a job. At first the girl refused. But a few months later, when she could not find a job, Brooklyn agreed to the proposal. For her it is the same sex with strangers, as always, only now it will be filmed. For the first time in the sex scene, the actress starred for Fucked Hard 18, and it was a really small production – just her, partner, Director and cinematographer. Brooklyn chase began with small projects, but soon began to work with all prominent companies and starred in a variety of genres: “hard sex”, “lesbian porn”, “Threesome”, “anal sex”, “interracial sex”, “Masturbation” and “Striptease”. Brooklyn likes to be strangled and dragged by her hair. She has a boyfriend, lives with him in San Diego. Despite the fact that the actress starred in all genres of porn, she avoids scenes with deep Blowjob because of gag reflexes. At 21, the girl increased her chest size to the fourth. She has a pierced navel, she also has several tattoos: wings on the shoulder blade, a butterfly on the lower back, green flowers in the right lower abdomen, text on the wrist. It was her ex-husband who told everyone about her work in the porn industry. And although it was a nightmare for her then, Brooklyn chase is grateful to him now because he made it easier for her to somehow tell her family and friends about her new job. lizavaiss was born on September 24, webcam record in Leipzig, Germany. As a student, the future porn actress moonlighted as a waitress to provide for herself. After studying the girl with his head went into the porn industry. She started her career at 20 posing Nude. In her first sex scene, the actress starred in Germany in (at the time she was 23). She contacted the German actress drew Barrymore, who invited Katya to take part in her tour in the United States. The following March, she starred for the us porn industry for the first time; the film was called “straight to goal 4”. The actress worked hard and, in the end, it turned out that she is quite popular among producers and Directors. Only in the first month of stay in America, this porn actress starred in 25 films. In webcam record, Katya Kassin starred in the category a film “Mandarin”. Throughout her long career, the actress has collected many awards-Adam Film World Guide Award in the category “Actress of the year”, Venus Award in the category ” international actress “(according to the jury), XRCO Award in the category “best orgasm from anal”, AVN Award in webcam record in the category “Best single sex scene” and AVN Award in the category “Best first-person sex scene”. During her career, Katya starred in 700 films. Basically, the girl is removed in the genres of “BDSM”, “anal sex”, “hard sex”, “Threesome”, “sex with a Mature woman”, “interactive porn”, etc. In , Coverme decided to finally move to Los Angeles. In, the actress married actor Slage Hammer. A year later, in October , the couple divorced. In , Katya had breast augmentation surgery to size 4. He has several tattoos on his body: a cat with a wing on his right forearm, a winged tiger on his right shoulder and another on the inside of his left wrist. Her navel and tongue are pierced.

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