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Emmasweetx is a pornstar from the USA. She was born on December 24, private video, in Zephyrhills, Florida. Before she started doing porn, Peta was a stripper. In , at the age of 23, she danced at the club on a regular basis, until she received an offer to audition for a role in an adult film. And a few weeks later, she flew to Los Angeles to make her debut in the adult industry. Peta began working under the pseudonym Scarlett Reid (Scarlett Reid), but soon changed to Peta Jensen and still stars under this pseudonym. Emmasweetx likes to have sex on camera, because at this moment she feels like a “naughty girl”. She says the best thing about her job is having sex all the time. Peta also prefers rough sex, and often fantasizes about rape. Once she let a guy fuck her with a knife to her neck. Peta lost her virginity to her boyfriend at the age of 17. She was married but divorced 4 months later. As of private video, Peta Jensen is engaged to a man who is 24 years her senior and whom She met on a Dating website. Emmasweetx Masturbates 5 times a week depending on her mood, and her favorite pose in sex is “cancer”. At the moment, she has several tattoos: a pattern on her left breast and right forearm, drawings on her hips and on her left leg. Peta loves country holidays and horseback riding, and recently began to raise a cat. Peta had breast augmentation, increasing her size to a magnificent size D. Sofia Rossi (born September 22, private videoin Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) is an American ex – porn actress, model and dancer. She appeared in magazines such as Penthouse and Hustler in. Prior to her work as a female performer in the adult industry, Sophie Rossi was a model for mass print ads, an aspiring actress, an erotic writer, and spent some time as a professional carer. One of her early works included appearing on stage during a Kid Rock concert. As the main model, Sofia Rossi has been featured in advertising campaigns for behrends such as Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, ESPN, Canon Computers, Harley Davidson. and Dillard’s (Department store chain). A friend, a super porn star, named Jenna Jameson (Jenna Jameson), helped Sophie Rossi start in the adult industry. In March , she signed an exclusive contract with adult film producer Jameson’s Club Jenna and advertising company Playboy Enterprises. Emmasweetx appeared in an exclusive edition of Penthouse in October webcam record on eight illustrated pages under the title “Triple Threat”, as well as she was “Hustler Honey” on the spread and twelve pages of Hustler magazine for December. One of Sophie Rossi’s early films was a film called “The Provocateur” – the debut directorial film by Jenna Jameson, which appeared such stars as Jesse Capelli( Jesse Capelli), McKenzie Lee( McKenzie Lee), Ashton Moore (Ashton Moore), and Krystal Steal (krystal Steele). In may webcam record, Sofia Rossi left Club Jenna after only five films with her participation were made. Sophie is also a model for sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson’s line. In addition to Club Jenna, Sophie Rossi has also worked for production Studio Vivid Entertainment. According to several sources, at the moment, Sophie Rossi stopped her career in the pornographic industry. She currently owns a yoga Studio in Newport beach.
Marta La Croft (also known as Alexandra Sivroskya) is a professional porn actress originally from hot Spain. She was born on 18 March 1990 in Malaga, southern Spain. This absolutely stunning Busty brunette grew up in the countryside. Martha all her life was very playful and very inquisitive girl that allowed her to try herself in various activities. Most of his free time Martha La Croft spends on training in fitness clubs. Daily honing his figure under the standards of South American beauty. Martha loves to show off in all its glory, but one day she felt that she was ready to show a little more than usual. And in webcam record, Martha La Croft starred in her first pornographic film. In her free time, Emmasweetx likes to be with her family, loved one and Pets. She likes to listen to artists such as Celine Dion, Beyonce and Rammstein, because in her opinion, this music is ideal for filming in pornography. In the future, Martha La Croft would like to become a writer-screenwriter or producer of adult films. After all, this Busty baby ideally knows how to move during sex, so that it causes maximum interest in all viewers-fans of adult films. Emmasweetx has been in the porn industry since private video and at the moment she has participated in the filming of 32 pornographic videos Claudia Rossi sometimes also known as Veronika K., Anett Stromberg, Claudia R., Claudia, Claudia Possi, Claudia Rossi, Veronika, Veronika O., Kari, Veronika K, Verunka Ba. and Sabrina White is a Slovak porn performer. Claudia Rossi began appearing in adult films in webcam record, at the age of 20, going on to appear in more than 200 films during her career. Initially, Claudia began shooting in Russia, signing an exclusive contract of the performer for the European production company Moire Candy. Emmasweetx writes on her personal blog about her life and love, as well as her beloved dog and plans to start riding her own horse with her friend and fellow porn star Barbora. In September webcam record, she confirmed on her MySpace page that she had started Dating British porn actor Jay Snake.

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