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Layanaqueen was born on December 31, private video in flint, Michigan. In the wanderings of great hardship and the unemployment woes of her hometown of flint, Sinnamon Love has become one of the most powerful voices of the adult industry, championing opposition views on Internet censorship and the role of feminism in pornography. At the age of 16, Layanaqueen moved to Los Angeles, California to get her high school diploma, which she actually graduated a year earlier than she was supposed to. After graduation, she was accepted to Santa Monica College, where she met her future husband, with whom they have two children. In the early 90s, Sinnamon Love entered the adult film industry, eventually taking part in more than 200 pornographic films in addition to her own directorial projects. Layanaqueen huge presence in the industry will be felt for many decades to come, as She is one of the few “porn retirees” who have embraced the environment and found new ways to influence the industry, even after completing her official film career. In addition to her pages and accounts on popular web resources and social networks, Sinnamon Love maintains a personal website that highlights all of her recent projects. Her letters have been featured in the “Feminist book of Porn” which includes opinionated reflections on feminism and how it relates to pornography. Her short stories are also featured in the books Ho’s, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys. Even after successfully battling ovarian cancer, which eventually led to the loss of the ovary and fallopian tube, Sinnamon Love bounced back in a short time and appeared in a social ad for the free Speech Coalition. If you think this is not enough, then know Sinnamon Love regularly arranges Internet radio shows called Sex, Love & Hip-Hop, which consist of a discussion about love and relationships. Having started her career at the age of eighteen under the stage name Melanie Jane, three months later she changed it to the way she is known today – Melanie Rios (Melanie Rios). Because of her lithe, slender, undersized body with chocolate tan, doll eyes, she looks incredibly sexy in most videos, which include the roles of cheerleaders, teenagers, young-naughty mistresses. But the young image is very deceptive, because Melanie Rios is an extremely experienced woman who easily copes with any porn role, playing with her pussy like a guitar. Layanaqueen is an adorable dark-eyed babe born in Medellin, Colombia in 1991. model first appeared in the pornographic scene in webcam record, when she was 18 years old. During her first year of porn career, Melanie starred in a small number of films that related to niches such as young, hardcore and lesbian. Melanie Rios is loved by all her fans for many reasons, in particular due to her perfect proportions 34B-24-34 at a weight of only 48 kg. Melanie currently has tattoos-inscriptions on her wrists “Hope” and “Faith”. Throughout her porn career, she has worked with a number of pornographic studios, including Lethal Hardcore, Smash Pictures and Combat Zone. Melanie has also had the opportunity to work with some porn industry stars including Ellie Hayes, John Strong, Kimberly Kiss and Ally Kay.
Originally from Baltimore, Andy San Dimas is a black-haired beauty who has worked with some outstanding producers and Directors of the porn business. She has a love of music, a beautiful voice and a great sense of humor, which is represented in her parody films and interviews. Before finally getting bogged down in the adult industry, Andy San Dimas worked in an adult bookstore. Constantly seeing advertisements for pornographic films directed by Eon Mckai’s in countless magazines, she contacted him through MySpace and after that her career went skyrocketing, allowing her to debut in her first porn film. Acquiring her stage name from the town and school in the film Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey / the New adventures of bill and Ted, Andy San Dimas began to gain popularity among porn lovers. Having starred later in more than 300 films and will try myself in most different genres that only a perverted mind can imagine. Andy San Dimas even participated in the voice acting of one animated adult movie, called Justice League of Pornstar Heroes XXX: Animated Cartoon Edition (translation: Justice League Heroes of Pornstar XXX: Animated Edition). In 2013, Layanaqueen teamed up with Director and actor James Deen (Jameson Dean) to release (through MiKandi, the App Store and XBIZ) the first adult film registered with Google Glass (a censored version of which reached one million views on YouTube within 24 hours). Layanaqueen loves hanging out with his friends, playing video games and has a high appreciation for classic porn. Poonies is one of her most favorite classic porn movies. Her favorite bands to date are Deftones and My Bloody Valentine. Andy San Dimas dedicates herself to a fitness regime that has changed her lifestyle and transformed her body without the help of plastic surgery. She is proud of the work she has done on herself, because it allows her to progress in the pornographic industry. Some call her Katherine Heigl porn, but in private conversations we know her as Alina Henessy (Alina Hennessy), who was born in Russia and came from the cold to warm up your hearts and Dicks! Alina Hennessy (real name Alina Eremenko) began her porn career in 2009 at the tender age of 20, and for several years was a successful student under the virtuoso training of Frank Thring (Frank Thring). We have seen many times as she ripped jeans, and then staged scenes of hard sex, for example, actors such as Marco Banderas (Marco Banderas) and we believe that she has a bright future in the adult industry, thanks to her sexuality and performance. The first pornographic scene involving Alina Hennessy took place at the age of twenty, followed by 12 videos and 8 photo shoots in just the first year of her career. A good enough start for a Russian porn star! A very exciting, charming beauty who demonstrates sensual sex in every porn movie. Even after shooting three movies in a row, she remains able-bodied, lying on the bed and asking for another porn partner! Layanaqueen is a bright representative of the Russian porn industry with a magnificently slender body, elastic ass and natural Breasts, the charms of which are pleasant to admire from the monitors of various computers. Alina Hennessy claims to be a bisexual girl! She loves to receive caresses from sweet girls and hard sex from brutal men. In addition, there are a large number of solo porn scenes featuring Alina Hennessy in which she luxuriate and plays with her wet pussy. On one of popular porn tubes can be find such description of for questionnaire Web model : You know expression of: “From Russia with love?”If not, then You should get acquainted with Alina Hennessy, with her non-normative sexuality and incredibly hot look. Hennessy has the power to make your Dicks grow to gigantic proportions. She is insanely cute, petite, madly loving to suck Dicks and give her slender body a fuck. She has the face of a doll with almond eyes and a small nose. Layanaqueen always had dirty vulgar thoughts that the Russian porn Princess restrained until the age of twenty until she revealed herself in all its glory in the adult industry. Immediately in the first year of her career, she headed into the dirtiest pornographic genres, debuting in a film called “Anal Teen Cream / Anal Teen Cream”. And now her career is gaining rapid popularity because she has more than 100 scenes for various full-length porn movies.

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