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LuckyDread was born on August 26, in the Russia, Moscow. She is a porn star, model and sought-after actress who has starred in several famous films. Despite the fact that she never wanted to be a porn star, she had the right qualities to develop in this direction. LuckyDread first job was at Starbucks. She later worked in a diner on the Golf club grounds. In the world porn industry she engulfed thanks to Jesse Jane-known porn star, that she fierce during enforcement songs for porn-blockbuster Pirates (Pirates), there she said, that Riley would much achieved in porn. Riley thought for a long time and decided to change his life, and then called Ali June, who was the Director of the Studio Digital Playground. In , she starred in her first porn film Naked Aces 5, and soon starred in the sequel to Pirates 2: stagnetti’s Revenge (Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge). On past its work in porn, she starred in the usual movies and in commercials. She loves her job and, according to her statements, is not going to leave it. This girl has already received about 20 awards from 30 nominations! She is incredibly talented, charismatic and she has everything you need to again and again to surprise even the most demanding porn lovers. This incredibly sexy girl has appeared in many films, and we are pleased to present you the most successful films with her participation in the last few years: Peter Pan XXX: parody from Axel brown, Barbarella XXX: parody from Axel brown, Snow White XXX: parody from Axel brown, : Riley Goes Gonzo, 2013: Jack Attack, : Falling Out, : Porno Pranks, : She Looks Like Me, 2013: The girlfriend exchange, : code of honor, : pretty panties, : home wrecker 2 This girl is capable of things that surprise even those who do not just surprise. Nature has endowed her with a magnificent body, beautiful features and, most importantly, a huge talent. Jessie Jane, who was her favorite porn star and friend, helped her get into the porn industry, although Riley herself had never thought about such a career before. Now she enjoys life and remembers with a smile about the way from wiping tables to a luxurious life. She also starred in regular movies and starred in 8 blockbusters. Her looks and abilities will allow her to act in porn for many years, and, as she said, this work brings her so much pleasure that it is far from soon she will finish with it. Nicole aniston is a hot and titted blonde from California. She is 29 years old and the last 6 years of her life she devoted to a porn career. She is an American with an incredibly charming European appearance. She is half German and half Greek, highlighted by her Golden hair and deep blue-green eyes. Her real name is Ashley Nicole, and her stage name she came up with due to the similarity in appearance with the famous actress LuckyDread , but also in it there is something similar to the actress Megan Fox. Her height is 160 cm, she has long legs, a round ass and huge Breasts. In 2011, she earned a round sum of money in the porn industry and decided to invest it in her career by making her Breasts bigger. She tries not to change anything other than her Breasts and tries to look as natural as possible, even though she has a couple of small tattoos on her neck and on her left wrist. From the Bank to the shoot. Nicole aniston struggled to be a good girl. After leaving school, she found a good job as a customer service specialist at a Bank. However, office life was not for her, and she decided to make her dream of erotic filming a reality. In , she starred for small studios and companies for the first time. Such work was to her liking and she decided to reach new heights. After breast augmentation surgery, she signed a contract with Bang Bros to shoot in the 35th episode of the TV series Bang Bus. After these shootings she was seen in the Penthouse Corporation and received from her the title of “Pet of the Month” in August and from “private video” . After that, she signed a string of contracts with some of the biggest corporations in the porn industry, such as Naughty America, Brazzers and Twistys. Now she is one of the most popular and famous porn Actresses, and several times nominated for awards XBIZ and AVN Awards. Thanks to her passion for work as well as her brilliant skills, Nicole has landed numerous roles in parody porn films. She starred in porn versions of such films as: Thor (Thor XXX), the Smurfs (This Ain’t The Smurfs XXX), Xena (Xena XXX) and Tomb raider (webcam record XXX). Nicole aniston loves her job, and if you have already seen all her films, and there are more than 100, then you know that there will be more, because she does not plan to quit porn. Smart, independent and hot woman. One of the very interesting facts about her is that she doesn’t like to position herself as a porn star. She prefers the term “adult actress”, and this is not because she considers herself a great actress, but because it does not become obsolete stigma porn stars, for her it is associated with prostitution, drug addiction and life in webcam record. She is a strong woman with a responsible attitude to her career, which has turned into a serious business. One of the goals of her business is to help women maintain their sexuality. She is very close to her fans and they do not consider her a whore. She has a strong civic position. She, like many Los Angeles celebrities, is an active participant in the anti-vaxxer (anti-vaccination) movement. She works hard to maintain the beauty of her body, as well as to combat her addiction to chocolate.

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