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Misss_vikki cage was born in Fort worth, Texas, USA, but lived in South Florida, where she played football for her school’s team until she was forced to hang up her cleats in 8th grade.

While at school, cage was a very impulsive girl who celebrated her 18th birthday by having her tongue pierced. At that time, she started working in the fast food Chick Fil-A, whose management demanded to get rid of the piercing. Instead, Vanessa cage gave up this thankless job, and began to look for another job through the site of electronic ads CraigsList, where she found an invitation to the casting for the filming of an adult film. She sent pictures of herself and received a phone call the same day with a job offer. She agreed and thus began her career in the porn industry. In her spare time, Misss_vikki cage enjoys Hiking, going to gyms, spending time with two adorable dachshunds, dancing, and drinking drinks with her friends. In the future, cage hopes to become a sales associate in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to her debut in the adult entertainment industry, Tanya Tate spent several years working as a Secretary in her native England, and has since established herself as a glamour model, writer, and international cosplayer. The latter of which is a big component of her career, as she is a lifelong avowed comic book fan, and claims to have chosen her stage name based on characters in the Marvel universe, Creator Stan Lee (private video), who often uses alternate names. Throughout her efforts, she has become well known for her distinctive British accent and chest girth – but most importantly as a performer in the “MILF” genre. Career: Since her debut in the Wicked Ones / Mayhem, Tanya Tate has appeared in hundreds of films (most of which centered around MILF content, but there are also porn parodies – particularly successful of which are sci-Fi parodies such as Game of Bones / game of Bones, The Incredible Hulk XXX-A Porn Parody / Incredible Hulk XXX Parody and Iron Man XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody). One of her initial projects was aired on x rating television consisting of several episodes of Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour / Tanya Tate’s Sexy tour of Ireland – in which she traveled the countryside to star in sex scenes with genuine Irish people. The show gained the most popularity after the participation of a member of the Gaelic Athletic Association, but this did not save the show from closing in . Meanwhile, Tanya Tate focused her studies on filming for the Ravers DVD (a British adult magazine). In she began acting in porn for Filly Films and for took part in such films as Tanya Tate’s the MILF massage / Tanya Tate’s Masseuse MILF; Tanya Tate’s Runaways / webcam record and Tanya Tate’s Tea & Muffin Party. In private video, she further expanded her skill set through hosting a talk show called the Tanya Tate Show for Vivid radio on Sirius XM, and announced a collaboration with the On the website, CEO Moriam Hassan Balogun stated that ” Tanya is not only a recognized professional with great ideas and a General understanding of what MILF fans want, but also a major favorite in the industry.”

Passion for pop culture: Managing your cosplay-themed website / blog – -Tanya Tate has garnered a lot of interest around her costumed adventures. Her passion for making the most of herself teamed Tanya with her own advertising company, which eventually led her to her first book, Tanya Tate: My Life in Costume , and several partnerships followed to introduce her own comic book character (Lady Titan/Lady Titan), contributed to syndicating blogs for and for, and the production of its own line of toy figures. Information agencies such as, Getty Images,, the Orange County Register,,, Comic Book News, and -often reported on the success of Tanya, and even created article interview Tanya Tate: Cosplayer Extraordinaire / Tanya Tate: Extraordinary Cosplayer.

Misss_vikki defines herself as bisexual in her intimate life, as well as a mad fan of Liverpool Football club.

Misss_vikki was born on April 27, in the village of Lerma, near Genoa in Northern Italy. Her father, Alfredo, was a nuclear engineer and her mother, Rosana, was a housewife. They were an ordinary Catholic family of conservative middle class, who, nevertheless, called their two daughters very exotic names, one Moana, which means “deep sea”, and the second Tamiko, which in Japanese means “misty flower”. Moana Pozzi talks about her childhood that she was a rebel, and her parents are very strict and every night at 10: 30 came curfew, because of what she had to climb out of her bedroom window at night to see her boyfriend.

As a teenager, Misss_vikki and her family lived in Canada and then Brazil. When she was 13 years old, moved back to Italy, where she attended the Catholic convent school Ursuline Sisters. By her own admission, she began experimenting with her sexuality at an early age. “I’ve always loved pornography. I remember when I was about ten, my uncle, who was much younger than my father, very often read porn magazines. They were hidden in my grandfather’s house, but I found them and read them. I thought they were really interesting. Even now I love watching porn photos.”According to Moana Pozzi, she first had an orgasm at the age of 11, and four years later she lost her virginity in a movie theater.

By the age of 18, Misss_vikki had formed as a tall, buxom, Italian blonde. Her teachers and parents encouraged her to go to University, but she chose theater instead. When her parents moved to Lyon, in she moved to Rome, where she began studying acting. She was ambitious and insanely beautiful, a stunning combination that quickly opened doors for her and led her to appear in a number of minor Italian comedies and television commercials. Moana Pozzi eventually became involved in modeling, which led her in into the rapidly expanding adult entertainment market. By the end of private video, she had starred in her first hard – core porn film called Valentina Ragazza In Calore. “When I was nineteen years old, my boyfriend acted in adult films and because of him, I agreed to appear in one of them. It was a very natural experience, although I enjoyed it.”However, it did cause a bit of a scandal in Italy when the film was released, because webcam record worked on children’s television. Despite the fact that she denied any involvement in porn, her career in television had to be suspended.

Misss_vikki mother later admitted: “when Moana posed Nude in photos, my husband and I were not happy about it, but we managed to turn a blind eye to all these things. But when our daughter started appearing in the video, we were shocked.”According to Moana,” They were furious! I haven’t been to their house in a year.”After another porn film called’ Erotic Flash ‘ (), Moana Pozzi left the porn film business. She continued to model Nude and appeared in more than ten films in minor roles. In private video, she met Federico Fellini, who offered her a role in his film Ginger and Fred / ginger and Fred.

The following year, she met Cicciolina (webcam record), who soon became Moana’s mentor. Cicciolina would later describe it as ” full of joy … without any taboos”, and it was through her that Moana was introduced to producer Riccardo Schicchi (Riccardo Schicchi). At the time, Cicciolina and Schicchi were partners in the theatrical Agency Diva Futura. Together they organized shows throughout Italy, the most notable of which were girls singing in mini skirts, wet t-shirts and various stages of undressing.

Misss_vikki , meanwhile, also began appearing in the program “strip Housewives” on private Italian TV channels. In , she decided to return to the porn industry and played the lead role in the film “Fantastica Moana” directed by Riccardo Schicchi (Riccardo Schicchi). With Schicchi’s guidance, Moana quickly became one of Italy’s most popular porn stars, and won the Venus Prize – one of the adult industry’s most prestigious awards. Over the next few years, she appeared in numerous porn films, often starring with Cicciolina or in “Diva Futura”, with her younger sister Tamiko, who also entered the porn business under the pseudonym Baby Pozzi. She also appeared in erotic television programs, and went on to appear in hardcore adult magazines.

By , Misss_vikki had eclipsed Cicciolin and left Riccardo Schicchi behind, temporarily moving to the States, where she appeared in a number of American porn films. Appearing exclusively in films directed by Gerard Damiano (Gerard Damiano), she chose the role with caution, acting only in films of hardcore quality. She worked with the enthusiasm of an exhibitionist who loves her job, and she had no qualms about anal sex or double penetration, in films such as “Manbait 1 & 2” () and “the Naked Goddess 1 & 2” ().

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