• Secretgoddess0
  • Birth Date: April 4, 1996
  • Age: 23
  • Decorations:Tattos

Secretgoddess0 was born in 1973 in a small village in the mountains in the North of the former Czechoslovakia. After her parents divorced, she grew up with her mother and attended a strict girls ‘ school before going to College in Prague. In November 1989, she took part in the” Velvet revolution”, when her homeland was divided into two parts. At the age of 18, she thought about a career in modeling and, at the first interview, her Cam record agent told her: “You look just irresistible, like Private Video, but more liberated.” Lea lost her virginity when she was 19 years old. She describes the event as follows: “It was with a student my age named Michelle. It was a first for him, too. My parents went away for the weekend and left me at home alone, so I called him.” By then, Lea was modeling in lingerie, but the glamour and glitz of Paris soon lured her away. Secretgoddess0 later admitted that: “I got to agents who had no lack of straightforwardness. They just told me, ” If you want to work and earn money, you have to sleep with people.”” Lea, Recalling those times, describes herself as a “young and timid Czech girl”, but she did not want to return to the Czech Republic and soon she began not only to have sex with agents, but also started filming for erotic sets, and then moved on to shoot more hard material. “I started to shoot naked and found that I was good at it. Not every model can take good Nude pictures. In glamorous sets, you’re just some person wearing clothes designed by another person. Being naked, you show yourself, nothing superfluous. You need a special self-confidence to successfully shoot without clothes. And I believe that erotic modeling was the first step towards shooting adult films.” Secretgoddess0 was never a debauchee in her youth, but at the same time, she claimed that she was always turned on to have sex on camera. In 1995, she moved to Germany and first starred in hardcore porn under the pseudonym Annie K. It was a lesbian scene with her compatriot and friend Jennifer Dior. However, it was a semi-professional shoot, directed by Ralph Scott, and the quality left much to be desired. It was at this point that Lea came closest to ending her career, but decided to make another film for Private Video called “Le Jardin De Venus” (1995), directed by Ian Nichols. Nichols later recalled: “During the filming of Le Jardin De Venus, I met a superb young blonde from the Czech Republic who today calls herself Leah Martini. I was really lucky with her, because earlier I received dozens of photos from a casting Agency in Antwerp, but it was not the same.” During filming, she fell in love with her colleague, French porn actor Cam record, and they have been inseparable ever since. During the filming, He introduced Lea to anal sex and the resulting scenes, in her opinion, came out the most passionate, and the process of creating them brought her the most pleasure. “I love Bruno, he is an exceptional person. Outside of business, we’re completely loyal to each other, but that doesn’t stop him from letting me do some pranks. I’m bisexual. A beautiful woman is as sweet as chocolate mousse. I love a Cam record with Bruno and another woman who excites me. If I had a relationship with someone other than Bruno, it would definitely be with a woman.” Everyone was delighted with her enthusiasm for working in front of the camera, and “Le Jardin De Venus” became a real hit. She had a beautiful slender body, a seductive face and firm natural Breasts. That’s when she admitted she didn’t really like sex. Sometimes she had orgasms on set, but in General she viewed it all as work, even comparing it to everyday work in the post office. She later admitted that she rarely orgasms at work and that Bruno considers it a sign of her professionalism. In addition, she believes that she learned a lot at work. She recalls: “everything about sex, I learned right while working. I grew up in Czechoslovakia, where it was not customary to talk about sex at all. I’ve never heard of such things as anal or lesbian sex. But I tried it all because of my work!”. In 1996, she moved to Italy, where she began filming with the nickname Cinderella under the direction of Private Video. Six months later, she returned to France and starred for the first time under the name of Leah Martini, in a film directed by the brilliant Marc Dorcel, where she had a great opportunity to work with the brightest stars of the industry. Later, in the late 90s, Lea and Bruno drew attention to the giants of the American porn industry, but by then their relationship had cracked. She recalls that maintaining a normal relationship in this business is almost impossible. The fact is that, acting in adult films, a man needs to save sperm for shots with cumshots. In such circumstances, they had almost no sex, and the relationship without it can not be strong. After the breakup of their relationship, they remained friends. And, speaking about his new girlfriend, she once said to him: “If you break up, then give her my number! I want to fuck her hard!» In 2001, unfortunately, Secretgoddess0 decided to end her career and devote herself to her personal life. Now she travels a lot, but lives permanently in London. She likes to remember the years of her career as the best of her life. But, nevertheless, considers this stage of her life passed and does not consider it necessary to return to the career of a porn actress. Now she works as a reporter and, according to her, previous work has made her liberated enough to interview anyone and not worry that she looks awkward.For more than 15 years, she worked as a celebrity beautician, followed the beauty of models at fashion shows, behind the scenes of film shoots, as well as a stylist for radio and television hosts. In 2001, she assembled a team of makeup artists and hairdressers and founded the Indulge team. It was in this capacity that Olga first started work at Playboy, doing hair, makeup and portrait work at the Playboy Mansion for personalities such as Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Tina Secretgoddess0 . It was at this point that Private Video decided to try again in the field of modeling. In January 2013, she was named Cyber Girl in Playboy Mexico and again in December of the same year. She held the title of Mrs. Latina Global 2013, and was also a judge on the competition. In April 2014, she was named Playboy Mexico Playmate of the Month. She was featured on the cover of StipLV Magazine in July 2014. In February 2015, Olga was named Playboy Cam record Playmate of the month. in July 2015, she appeared on the cover of Lowrider magazine. In September 2015, Olga was featured on the pages of chilanga Surf magazine. She was the first Playmate in America to be drawn by fine artist Olivia de Berardinis, the official Playboy artist.

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