• webcam model: Sweetdesire12
  • Birth Date:Oct. 13, 1996
  • Age:23
  • Body Type:skinnny

Sweetdesire12 with his appearance is perfect for the role of an ordinary and sweet girl. She is a beautiful brunette with a charming smile and cute curls. In addition, Dillion Harper is the owner of one of the most beautiful Boobs in the porn industry. One of the reasons that her Breasts are actually beautiful is the fact that they are 100% natural. She was born on September 27, in Jupiter, Florida. Her career in the porn industry began in and continues to this day. If you’ve ever seen a movie with her or even a photo of her, then I can be sure that you were stunned by her beauty, but let’s find out more about what she has achieved in porn. Sweetdesire12 began filming on webcam when she was 19 years old and when she was still living with her parents. They didn’t know about it and she had to do it at night behind the closed door of her room. She did it so she could afford to go to College and become a dentist. However, something went wrong and when she moved out from her parents, she realized that life is not what she imagined and she had to take off her rose-colored glasses. She ran out of money and lost her job, but the only help she got came from Bella rocks, a former porn star who recommended her to the Bangbros guys. She starred in a film from this company in Miami and some time later realized that she could connect her life with porn. Her success was helped by her appearance, while she continued to develop her artistry. However, there is 1 thing she regrets. She recently said in an interview that she lacks seriousness in her case. Most of the contracts she got for short scenes. Her dream is to eventually become a real porn star, and she is very concerned about how she will look in porn at an older age. But also, there are things that it is very suitable. When she started out, she had no choice but to star in guy/girl format scenes. Despite this, with the growth of her popularity, she had the opportunity to star in scenes of her favorite girl/girl format. In addition, she learned to behave correctly with each individual person in front of the camera and catch a buzz with it in any of her scenes(webcam record). As for her personal life – private video is an ordinary girl. She likes handsome guys, she spends a lot of time on the Internet watching Netflix or chatting with her fans on Twitter, when she is bored she prefers to bake or cook. She knows a bunch of recipes and sometimes she brings treats to the set. She loves porn, but she dreams of shooting in a regular movie. When she stars in porn, she strives to learn as much as possible about the plot in order to perform in the best possible way. But before her major film debut takes place, we will see many more porn movies with this cute brunette. Debut in the porn industry took place in at the age of 21. During her career, she appeared in more than 180 pornographic videos. In June she became Playmate of the month of the Italian edition of Playboy magazine, and in November — Pussy of the month of Penthouse magazine. She has a reputation as an “intellectual porn star”, wrote about the situation of men and women in modern society, took part in a philosophical festival. In a controversy with the philosopher Diego Fusaro about capitalism, she declared herself a supporter of”futuristic communism”. He believes that the real “clash of civilizations” lies not between Islam and the West, but between ” the forces of modernity (Kant’s moral autonomy, Bentham’s utilitarianism, positivism, futurism and communism)” and “the forces of tradition, religion, social conservatism and economic conservatism (which today is represented by neoliberalism and the attack on labor rights)”. He claims to see pornography as ” a means of undermining bourgeois hypocrisy.” In , Nappi on his Facebook page advocated the acceptance of Syrian refugees in Italy, and this statement resulted in a conflict with the politician Matteo Salvini of the nationalist party “Northern League”. Even more scandal was caused by her response to Salvini-a photo in which Valentina Lily lane is a porn star originally from the United States. She was born on August 12, and is listed in the porn industry since , and on the site FreeOnes since , where she occupies 481 place in the ranking of the most recognizable porn Actresses. Currently, Lily lane has participated in the filming of 44 erotic photo shoots and in several pornographic films. webcam model made her porn debut starring in a film produced by Joanna Angel’s, Burning Angel studios and she has since had the pleasure of working with several other major studios. Her favorite foods are pasta, pizza, Mexican food and French fries. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, mostly comedies, but sometimes horror movies. Lily lane considers herself a ” homebody.” She has no bad habits, does not smoke cigarettes and very rarely drinks alcohol. Her shortcomings are envy of other female porn performers Girl is a porn star from the United States. She was born in Austin, Texas on January 15, . Sweetdesire12 grew up like a typical southern girl, raised on a farm and educated at home. She lived without knowing what the joys of the “Big City” were, instead learning how to grind wheat to make bread or how to grow and slaughter her own thanksgiving Turkey, and more. Perhaps it was the childhood spent on the farm, influenced the choice of her profession to the porn industry. She worked as a veterinarian by day and as a bartender by night. Fortunately, doing hard work, Cleo Valentine did not lose her sexuality, which was useful to her later. One day Sweetdesire12 decided to try her luck in the adult industry by filling out an application on the Burning Angel website, after which, in the shortest possible time, she received a positive response from Joanna Angel. Signed to Burning Angel studios, Cleo instantly became a porn industry sensation, appearing in her first adult film called POV Punx 3. webcam record became one of the main stars of Burning Angel, memorable for her painted body (beautiful tattoos on a slender body), chic elastic Breasts and attractive sexy face. Later Cleo starred in films for such famous porn studios as Naughty Amreica, private video and some others. And the most memorable way was playing the role of Harley Quinn for the film Superman vs. Batman, directed by Axel Braun’s. In this film, she showed her uncanny ability to act, accurately imitating the unique voice and caricature of Harley Quinn’s. Sweetdesire12 definitely does not hesitate to act in porn, taking part in such niche genres as girl-on-girl, hardcore, anal penetration, and much more. She is particularly in demand in films that showcase the beauty of females with exotic looks, such as tattooed female bodies or women with large Breasts.

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